Saturday, October 17, 2009

my 10th day in bali

Today is my 10th day in Bali. So far I have:
- attended 12 yoga classes

- had a total of 6 hours of massage

- found places that sell second hand books and got all my reading material trading through them
- never visited a single tourist attraction such as the palace, elephant forest, kecak dance etc

- met and exchanged with a lot of really interesting and fun people

- not disposed a single pet bottle. Kafe sells purified water and I get daily refills.

- created such small amount of litter that wouldn't even fill a soup bowl (I know because my garbage hasn't yet been emptied)

- become quite skilled in washing my laundry by hand in the sink

- spent less than I budgeted

- used taxi only once on a very rainy evening, otherwise used my feet as the only mode of transportation

- adopted the habit of taking my footwear off whenever I'm entering a room, shop, etc

- developed a curious interest in vipassana

- attempted to “stay in the present moment” 30,467 times and failed 30,468 times

- felt happy, satisfied and blessed everyday


  1. cok tebrikler. Basarili bir 10 gun gecirmissin.

    Analitik dusunen biri blogunu okuyunca soyle oluyor: 30467 ne ola ki? 10 gun x 24 saat x 60 dakika? Yok, bu degilmis. 30467/60? bu da olmuyor. Allah allah neresinden uydurmus bu rakami!!!


  2. @ Tevfik: analitik dusunen biri olarak aritmetige degil de "neresinden uydurmus" kismina odaklanmani onerebilirim, cevap orada gizli

    operim caanim

  3. Sevgili Arkadasim,

    Simdi daha ciddi anliyorum seni harika Bali gezini..

    Bol dinlenmeler ..

    bi de diyorum ki, cok kalicaksan orda, ben de katilayim yaw..