Friday, November 20, 2009

still on my mat

I haven't been posting for a long time, mainly because not a lot of action is going on. I'm going through a rather introverted and introspective stage. When I started this journey in August, I thought I would hop around Asia for a few months. I carried all the Lonely Planet guides for Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore with me. I planned tentative itineraries, according to which I would spend a total of 5 weeks in Indonesia, then 2 weeks in Malaysia followed by maybe 6 weeks of island hopping in Thailand. Well, it went pretty much as planned until October; I've been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. I came to Bali and suddenly everything changed. I had set myself reminders for travel dates, out of Bali, out of Indonesia, arrive to Malaysia etc... I missed all these reminders and here I am still in Ubud. I thought I would be all over Asia, yet I am mostly in the Yoga Barn. I thought I would be hopping around the islands yet I spend most of my time on a yoga mat smaller than 2m2. What started as a journey in Asia is pretty much turning into a journey in me. I couldn't be happier about it... After all what is more interesting and satisfying than discovering one's self, layer by layer? And this satisfaction comes purely from inside. Everyday I am thankful to be here, to be doing what I am doing and for the simple pleasures I am lucky to notice here. And I know that when the right time comes I will move to my next destination, not because reminders snooze but because I want to be there.

Since the Yoga Barn and the accompanying Little K cafe are the places I spend most of my time, here are some photos.

The Yoga Barn:

The Little K & its surroundings:


  1. Journey to outside stops when you discover the journey to inside...As we talked to one of my traveller friend today , whereever you go , you will not find what you are looking for except yourself...

    Aman be bu ingilizce yazma beni filozof yapiyo , accik Turkce yazayimda kendime geleyim:)

  2. buyrun felsefe: ararsan bulamazsın, aramazsan hiç gelmez
    bunu ilk duydugumdan bu yana bir yili gecti ama hic aklimdan cikmadi. sozun sahibi sanirim bunu ilahi ask icin soylemis, ama kendini aramak/bulmak icin de ayni derece gecerli diye dusunuyorum